Peanut butter cookie blondies

Peanut-Butter-Oreo-BlondiesSweets make the world go round. It is nice to buy them from you favorite pastry store but it will be great if you can make your own dessert from time to time.

If you are not into measurements of ingredients, complicated names of food, et cetera, then you are looking at the right blog. We have something very simple for you. You may know peanut butter, right? And cookies (read: Double Stuff Oreos). Mix the gooey goodness of the peanut butter with the magic of the Oreos and we can come up with peanut butter cookie blondies.

Nothing to be guilty about here if you have started a diet to kick off 2013. Okay, I’m lying. It is sinful but it is so good..

You will need the around 24 Oreos, around ¾ cup of peanut butter, some granulated sugar, soft butter, brown sugar, 2 eggs, vanilla extract, a little amount of cream, some white chocolate.

The number of cookies you will need will really depend on the size of the baking dish you will use. Set the oven to 325 degrees for pre-heating and then apply some butter to your baking dish.

Mix the butter, cream, sugar, vanilla, and peanut butter. Then add the eggs. Mix everything well. Then mix in the flour and some baking powder using an electric mixer. You can also use a wooden spoon to work with the mixture.

Once the batter is ready, layer some of it on the dish followed by a layer of your cookie. Spread the remaining batter on top to cover everything. You need to bake this for about 45 minutes. You can vary the time a bit depending on how doughy or soft you want the blondies to be.

Have fun and enjoy this food that can make anyone feel good.

Healthier dessert ideas for Thanksgiving

Desserts for Thanksgiving can be healthy. A better glucose level and a lower cholesterol are things you sure can be thankful for for right? Here are some great ideas for dessert sans the guilt:

Whole wheat apple pie whole-wheat-apple-pie

Who can say no to apple pie. Come to think of it, it must be healthy with all the apple in it. In fact, a slice of an apple pie can have as much as 30g of fat and around 750 calories. You have the crust to blame. This time, change the recipe and use whole wheat and lower the fat by using canola oil in place of some butter.

Pear crumble

This awesome dessert will please anyone. The filling is made with pear, raisins, flour, cinnamon, and brown sugar. The topping is made from a mix of oats and walnuts. Every serving of this goodie is 257 calories and about 9g of fat. It is also cholesterol free.

Citrus ginger cake

This ginger cake is served with some tasty orange compote. Make sure you make the spiced compote a day before since its yummier with time.

Pudding cake made from sweet potatoes

This pudding cake was inspired by sweet potato pudding from Jamaica. Mashed potato is mixed with some flour and eggs to get the desired texture. It might taste a bit different but not too guilt inducing like a real cheesecake.

5 Heavens for Candy lovers

If you love to travel and you have a sweet tooth, then read on (or not if you have diabetes). Below we list down the five places closest to heaven for those who are just crazy for candies:

Candylicious in Dubai

If you happen to drop by at the Dubai Mall, make your candy radar work and head to Candylicious. It is just like a dream come true, Willy Wonka-like candy fantasy. This candy store is about 1,000 square meters big. If you cannot imagine that, let us just say that it is the biggest candy store in the whole world. The store features a candy plane that kiddos can jump into, a lollipop tree, and classic soda fountains.

Chutter’s in New Hampshire , US

Chutter has a 112 feet candy counter considered to be the longest in the world. The counter has jars and jars of gums, candies, fruit slices, and a lot more. It actually stretches from one end of the store to the other. Enter the store and it is a colorful world of candies.

Old Dutch Cand Shop in Amsterdam

This is a local candy store but it has a very special touch to it. It is a store where little kids can save their coins, lay them on the counter, and ask for their favorite treats. The owner practically knows everyone who goes to her store

Pappabubble in Tokyo

This chain of stores have branches in major cities like New York, Amsterdam, Taipei, Barcelona, and Seoul. The best one though is in Tokyo. In all Pappable stores, consumers can try some free samples. The designs of the candies are awesome and you just cannot walk into the store and not walk out carrying a big bag of candies.

Jelly Bean Factory in California

Fairfield might be an unexciting town in the Bay Area if not only for the Jelly Bean University. What can be more exciting for candy lovers than learning how to make their favorite candies. It only takes six people per class though so in case you want a degree in Beanology, you have to reserve well in advance. The factory also offers tours and features a candy store where you can order your favorite goodies.

3 of the most expensive desserts in the world

There are just sweet treats that you cannot resist, and there are just desserts that we cannot simply have. This short list is about the latter, well those who can afford these pricey desserts.

Diamond Fruitcake for $1.65 million

This might be the fruitcake that will be left untouched in your fridge. This was created by a Japanese chef and was sold back in 2005. The design process took about half a year and another thirty days for the actual production. This fruitcake has 223 diamonds adorning it. The rest of the ingredients were not disclosed.

Strawberries Arnaud for $1.4 million

You can get this at Arnaud’s in New Orleans. The finest port was used to marinate the strawberries and are served with cream and mint. Sounding special but not so extra ordinary so far? Wait until you hear the topping: a ring that has a 4.7 carat rare pink diamond on it. The ring was once owned by Sir Ernest Cassel, an English financier. The strawberries also came with fine port that was poured from a $25,000-worth crystal set.

Platinum cake for $130,000

This simple white cake was decked with pendants, pins, necklaces, and platinum flakes which were edible. The cake was made in honor of important Japanese women like Chie Kumazawa and Rinko Kikuchi.

Oatmeal cookie, chocolate and ice cream magic

The whole family is coming over and you are thinking of dessert that is simple yet mind blowing? You will never fail with cookies, ice cream and chocolate sauce. And the possible combination of flavors is countless!

With the mentioned ingredients you can create combinations of textures and have fun with your taste buds.

The one we have in mind is a simple combination of oatmeal cookies and vanilla ice cream. More accurately, we are making a sandwich with the vanilla ice cream in between the cookies. Or maybe just topped a cookie with vanilla ice cream and then some dark chocolate syrup.

You can make the dessert equation fun and try other flavors:

  • Oatmeal cookie with Coffee flavored ice cream with dark chocolate topping
  • Ginger cookie with orange sherbet or caramel ice cream with some dark chocolate
  • Peanut butter cookie with banana caramel flavore ice cream plus some rum sauce or chocolate sauce
  • Chocolate chip cookie with mint flavored ice cream and some dark chocolate syrup

These are just some examples and of course you can come up with a lot more combinations. Just see what’s available in the fridge or what you can quickly grab from the nearby grocery store.

Tips for this dessert:

  • Choose a soft and chewy cookie that is easy to break with a spoon
  • use a big scoop appropriate for the size of the cookie which you will top with ice cream
  • If you are baking your own cookies double the salt or sprinkle some salt on the chocolate (these draws the flavor out)
  • If you are making your own ice cream do not make it too sweet and be on the leaner side for the cream and egg yolks
  • To achieve the hard chocolate shell on your ice cream, mix an ounce of chocolate with ¾ teaspoon of coconut oil.

Happy eating!

Top 5 Sweets you can find in Paris

The City of Lights is all about romance, beauty, and food. We now put spotlight on the best desserts that you can find in Paris:

Brioche at Lenotre

Enter Lenotre and you can compare it to Tiffany & Co. but the goods here are edible. Their version of the brioche is nothing but delicious with candied pistachios. The brioche that you can find on Victor Hugo Avenue ends in the mouth very light and very buttery.

Chouquette Aux Marrons at Bonjour Bakery

Head to Bonjour Bakery at the 14th Arrondissement and order their Chouquette Aux Marrons. That might be hard to pronounce if you do not know French but just think of an éclair and fill it up with creamy and rich chest nut filling and then put some vanilla icing on top. Looks yummy? It is. Very.

Cupcakes at Berko

The world is crazy for cupcake and if you are in Paris, you only have to go to Berko and you will find the best one in the city. It must be their butter that makes it stand out from the rest of the cupcakes you can find anywhere else. The cupcakes are so moist and addicting.

Éclair in Stohrer

The Stohrer has been in business since the 1700s so there must be something that they do that made them last this long. Their chocolate éclair is the best in Paris but you have another great dessert in their coffee flavored ecclairs. Visit them at the 2nd Arrondissement.

Ice cream at Berthillon

You might have heard of the place in a food guide for Paris or seen them featured on TV. Well, you can believe everything that you have heard about this place and the ice cream. The taste is just amazing and the flavors ranging from salted caramel, creamy coconut, roasted pistachio are very exciting. They serve the ice cream in two cup cones in their store at the 4th Arrondissement.

Why Cookies Are A Great Corporate Gift

Are you looking for a gift that is a bit unusual and will always be appreciated? Cookies are the one thing that will be remembered because they are loved by all. If you are needing to send a corporate gift, cookies are a great idea. Cookies / BiscuitsCookies can be shared, and more than one person can enjoy this gift. Candy can be considered unhealthy and fattening, cookies on the other hand are a lighter snack that all can enjoy with a cup of coffee. Cookies are a comfort food and can create soothing memories of home. Any office will appreciate a gift of cookies that can be passed around for all to enjoy.

Cookies for corporate giving come in many flavours, styles and sizes. There are gift baskets available and other assortments that can make a great gift for any occasion. These cookies are make fresh and carefully shipped to avoid breakage. Cookies are reasonably priced and everyone loves cookies. Sending them to a company you do business with can make a big impact. You can send these as a thank you any time of year, and they are especially welcome as a holiday gift. Why send another trinket that is not useful or gets thrown out? Cookies are a item that can make customers thank you you with every bite.

Ever since the cookie was first invented, by a dutch baker on accident, they have been the most well loved treat. Cookies can be given for any occasion to other individuals beside corporate collages. Cookies make the perfect birthday, thank you or any other important event gift. Find the perfect gift online and have your cookies on their way to the lucky recipient today. Make sure that your company is noticed and remembered by your thoughtfulness. Cookies for corporate giving are a great idea.

How To Make Deep Fried Oreos

This is how you make a recipe-video fun and awesome!

Until they started with the toilet-joke. ;-)

Anyway – deep-fried Oreos are awesome!

Nicko Deep-Fries Snickers Bars

My goodness that looks pretty, pretty “full”.

Good Ol’ Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hot diggety that looks great! :)